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040-65595555 | 08885222833

Above Sahadeva Reddy Sweet Shop, Opp. Amaravathi Bar, Champapet Main Road, Karmanghat, Hyderabad - 500079.

Mode of Payment : Cash,Credit Card,Debit Card

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Minimum Billing Rs.200.0
Maximum Cashback of Rs.500.0

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Timings :

12.00 PM To 11.00 PM Free Service Available

For Minimum Bill Of Rs.300/- Within 5 Km Distance      8885222833

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Total Visits :1579
Last Updated on : Wednesday 30th September 2015

A Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant & Also Caterers

Prices / Charges in Detail


Any Veg Soup Rs.70/-
Any Non Veg Soup Rs.80/-

Vegetarian Snacks:

Veg Shangri La Rs.150/-
Veg-Spring Roll Rs.150/-
King Spicy Veg. Rs.150/-
Chilli Gobi Rs.160/-
Veg 65 / Gobi 65 Rs.160/-
Gobi / Potato / Veg Manchurian Rs.160/-
Paneer 65 / Manchurian Rs.170/-
Mushroom Manchurian Rs.180/-
Baby Corn Majestic Rs.180/-

Chicken Snacks:

Chilly Chicken Rs.190/-
Ginger Chicken Rs.190/-
Mix Spring Rolls Rs.200/-
Chicken 555 Rs.200/-
Chicken Drumsticks Rs.200/-
King Spicy Chicken Rs.200/-
Pepper Chicken Rs.220/-
Cashew Chicken Rs.220/-
Dragon Chicken Rs.220/-

Tandoori Veg:

Veg-Dahi Kabab Rs.160/-
Veg-Sheek Kabab Rs.170/-
Paneer Tikka Rs.190/-
Paneer Seekh Kabab Rs.190/-
Achari Paneer Rs.190/-


White Rice Rs.60/-
Curd Rice Rs.80/-
Jeera Rice Rs.130/-
Veg-Pulao Rs.140/-

Tandoori Non-Veg:

Tandoori Chicken (Full) Rs.360/-
Tandoori Chicken (Half) Rs.190/-
Chicken Tikka Rs.200/-
Tangdi Kabab Rs.200/-
Reshmi Kabab Rs.220/-
Chicken Hariyali Kabab Rs.220/-
Chicken Seekh Kabab Rs.200/-
Fish Tikka Rs.240/-
Hariyali Fish Rs.240/-
Mutton Seekh Kabab Rs.240/-
Murg Malai Tikka Rs.210/-

Fish / Prawns Snacks:

Ginger Prawns Rs.240/-
Chilly Prawns Rs.240/-
Loose Prawns Rs.240/-
Apollo Fish Rs.230/-
Fish Finger Rs.230/-
King Spicy Prawns Rs.240/-
Szechwan Prawns Rs.240/-

Egg Snacks:

Egg.Fuyong Rs.140/-
Chilli Egg Rs.140/-
Egg Manchurian Rs.140/-
Egg Spring Roll Rs.140/-

Mutton Snacks:

Chilly Lamb Rs.230/-
Mutton Manchurian Rs.230/-
Pepper Lamb Rs.240/-
Ginger Mutton Rs.220/-
Lamb Keema Balls Rs.240/-

Egg Curries:

Blue Leaf Spl Egg Curry Rs.160/-
Egg Curry Rs.140/-
Egg Bhurji Rs.140/-

Indian Basket Bread:

Roti Rs.20/-
Butter Roti Rs.25/-
Plain Naan Rs.25/-
Butter Naan Rs.30/-
Garlic Naan Rs.40/-
Rumali Roti Rs.30/-
Keema Naan Rs.80/-
Pudina Naan Rs.40/-
Masala Kulcha Rs.40/-
Paneer Kulcha Rs.40/-
Stuffed Kulcha Rs.40/-
Alu Paratha Rs.40/-
Methi Paratha Rs.40/-
Stuffed Paratha Rs.40/-
Gobi Paratha Rs.40/-
Kheema Paratha Rs.80/-
Pulka Rs.30/-
Butter Paratha Rs.40/-


Blue Leaf Special Veg.Biryani Rs.170/-
Veg-Biryani Rs.150/-
Baby Corn Biryani Rs.150/-
Mushroom Biryani Rs.160/-
Egg Biryani Rs.150/-
Blue Leaf Spl-Chicken Biryani Rs.220/-
Chicken Biryani Rs.190/-
Mutton Biryani Rs.230/-
Prawns Biryani Rs.230/-
Fish Biryani Rs.230/-
Kheema Biryani Rs.230/-
Paneer Biryani Rs.180/-

Fish / Prawn Curries:

Blue Leaf Spl Prawns Curry Rs.270/-
Fish Fry Rs.240/-
Fish Pulusu Rs.240/-
Prawns Tikka Masala Rs.240/-
Prawns Curry Rs.260/-

Vegetarian Curries:

Blue Leaf Special Veg.Curry Rs.190/-
Veg Do Pyaza Rs.160/-
Veg.Chat Pat Rs.160/-
Dal Fry Rs.140/-
Paneer Tikka Masala Rs.170/-
Paneer Chatpata Rs.170/-
Paneer Shahi Kurma Rs.170/-
Methi Chaman Rs.170/-
Veg. / Malai Kofta  Rs.170/-
Mixed Veg. Curry Rs.160/-
Veg. Kolhapuri Rs.160/-
Kaju Masala Rs.200/-
Capsicum Masala Rs.160/-
Veg.Makhan Wala Rs.150/-
Gobi Mutter Rs.160/-
Kadai Veg Rs.160/-

Chicken Curries:

Blue Leaf Chicken Curry Spl Rs.220/-
Murgh Rezala (Bengali) Rs.190/-
Kadai Chicken Rs.200/-
Chicken Chettinad Rs.200/-
Chicken Chatpat Rs.200/-
Hydeerbadi Chicken Rs.200/-
Chicken Tikka Masala Rs.200/-
Chicken Kurma Rs.200/-
Punjabi Chicken Rs.200/-
Dum Ka Chicken Rs.200/-
Chicken Kandhari Rs.200/-
Telangana Chicken Rs.200/-
Andhra Chicken Rs.200/-

Chinese Cuisine (Veg):

Veg. Soft Noodles Rs.150/-
Veg. Hakka Noodles Rs.150/-
Veg. Singapore Noodles Rs.150/-

Chinese Cuisine (Non-Veg):

Egg Soft Noodles Rs.150/-
Chicken Soft Noodles Rs.160/-
Mix Soft Noodles Rs.190/-

Mutton Curries:

Blue Leaf Spl. Mutton Curry Rs.250/-
Mutton Bhuna Rs.230/-
Bhindi Ghost Rs.230/-
Mutton Dhanshak Rs.230/-
Mutton Madras Rs.230/-
Dahi Gosht Rs.230/-
Dahi Keema Rs.230/-
Mutton Saagwala Rs.230/-
Mutton Dalma Rs.230/-
Mutton Curry Rs.240/-
Keema Balls Curry Rs.240/-
Mutton Ragan Josh Rs.230/-
Mutton Hyderabadi Rs.230/-

Chinese Rice (Veg):

Veg. Fried Rice Rs.130/-
Garlic Friend Rice Rs.130/-
Ginger Friend Rice Rs.130/-
Paneer Fried Rice Rs.170/-
Baby Corn Friend Rice Rs.140/-

Chinese Rice (Non-Veg):

Egg Fried Rice Rs.140/-
Chicken Fried Rice Rs.170/-
Mutton Fried Rice Rs.190/-
Prawns Fried Rice Rs.190/-
Mixed Fried Rice Rs.220/-

Parcel Only:

Veg. Biryani Family Pack Rs.300/-
Blue Leaf Veg. Biryani Family Pack Rs.340/-
Egg Biryani Family Pack Rs.300/-
Chicken Biryani Family Pack Rs.420/-
Spl. Chicken Biryani Family Pack Rs.440/-
Spl. Mutton Biryani Family Pack Rs.470/-
Fish Biryani Family Pack Rs.440/-
Prawns Biryani Family Pack Rs.440/-
Mutton Biryani Family Pack Rs.450/-



Weekdays : 11.00 AM To 12.00 AM

Sundays   : 11.00 AM To 12.00 AM

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