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Rahul Reddy Owner

040-64500009 | 08008990607

Near TV 6, Road No-45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033.

Mode of Payment : Cash,Credit Card,Debit Card

Price Range

MIN : 15

MAX : 170

Limited Period Only!! HurryUp!!
Minimum Billing Rs.200.0
Maximum Cashback of Rs.500.0

Home Delivery


11:30 AM To 09:30 PM Free Service Availabe      8008990607

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Last Updated on : Wednesday 28th October 2015


  • Indian Flavour Subs
  • Wraps
  • Pizzas
  • Salads
  • Garlic Cookie
  • Oat Meal Cookie
  • Choco Chip Cookie

Prices / Charges in Detail

Minimum - Rs.15/-

Maximum - Rs.170/-

Indian Flavour Subs:

Item Price
Chicken Sheek Kabab Rs.130/-
Chicken Shammi Kabab Rs.130/-
Grilled Chicken Fillet Rs.130/-
Punjabi Tikka Masala Rs.130/-
Mutton Shammi Kabab Rs.130/-
Full Bread Add Rs.100/-
Salad Add Rs.30/-
Add On Meat Half Bread Rs.30/-

Mexican Flavour Subs:

Item Price
Frankfuter Rs.150/-
Chicken Sausage Rs.150/-
Chicken Ham Rs.150/-
Chicken Salami Rs.150/-
Mortedella Pistachio Rs.150/-
Full Bread Add Rs.110/-
Salad Add Rs.30/-
Add On Meat Half Bread Rs.30/-

Breakfast Subs:

Item Price
Egg Omelette Rs.80/-
Egg & Peppers Rs.90/-
Egg & Ham Rs.120/-
Full Bread Add Rs.70/-
Salad Add Rs.30/-
Add On Egg Rs.10/-

Seafoods Subs:

Item Price
Grilled Fish Fillet Rs.170/-
Frilled Marinara Prawns Rs.170/-
Tuna In Mayo Rs.170/-
Full Bread Add Rs.120/-
Salad Add Rs.50/-
Add On Meat Half Bread Rs.50/-

Vegeterian Subs:

Item Price
Vegei Garden Simple Rs.120/-
Sprouts Rs.120/-
Corn & Peas Rs.120/-
Herb Chilli Patty Rs.120/-
Paneer Salsa Rs.120/-
Full Bread Add Rs.90/-
Salad Add Rs.30/-
Add On Vegies Rs.20/-

Fresh Fruit Juice:


Item Price
Apple Juice Rs.80/-
Strawberry Rs.90/-
Watermelon Rs.70/-
Garlic Cookie Rs.40/-
Oat Meal Cookie Rs.40/-
Choco Chip Cookie Rs.50/-
Cheese Slice Rs.15/-
Mojitos Rs.50/-
Tacos Rs.50/-

Chicken Items:


Item Price
Crispy Hot Wings(4Pcs) Rs.70/-
Popcorn Chicken Rs.60/-
Chicken Lollipop(4Pcs) Rs.80/-
Crispy Veg Burger Rs.50/-
French Fries Rs.45/-
Chicken Nuggets(4Pcs) Rs.50/-
Veg Nuggets(8Pcs) Rs.50/-
Soft Drink Can Rs.35/-
Water Bottle Rs.25/-

Combos Add:

French Fires+Soft Drink Can - Rs.70/-


Weekdays : 09:00 AM To 11:00 PM

Sundays   : Open

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