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Year of Establishment


Neelam Rekha Proprietor


Opposite Lane To Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Uppal Depot, Hyderabad - 500039.

Mode of Payment : Cash,Credit Card,Debit Card

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Last Updated on : Monday 18th January 2016

Beauty Parlour For Men & Women :

  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Tattoo Lounge

Prices / Charges in Detail

Combo Offers :

Package Price
Hair Cut (Any Of Chioce) Rs.1999/-
Hair Spa (Matrix Or Loreal) Rs.1999/-
Shahnaz Facial With Anti Tan Pack Rs.1999/-
Eye Brows Rs.1999/-
Waxing - Full Hands& Legs Rs.1999/-
Manicure & Pedicure (Lotus) Rs.1999/-


Package Price
Hair Cut (Any Of Chioce) Rs.999/-
Hair Spa (Normal) Rs.999/-
Lotus Facial Rs.999/-
Eye Brows Rs.999/-
Waxing - Full Hands& Legs Rs.999/-
Manicure & Pedicure (Normal) Rs.999/-


Package Price
Hair Cut Rs.499/-
Natures Facial Rs.499/-
Waxing  Rs.499/-
Eye Brows Rs.499/-

Waxing :

Full Hands Rs.200/-
Full Legs Rs.400/-
Half Hands Rs.120/-
Half Legs  Rs.180/-
Under Arms Rs.50/-
Face Waxing Rs.100/-
Body Waxing Rs.800/-

Bleaching :

Face & Neck Rs.200/-
Hands Rs.200/-
Legs Rs.300/-
Full Body Rs.600/-

Pedicure & Manicure :

Herbal Rs.400/-
Lotus Rs.500/-

Clean Ups :

Fruit Clean Up Rs.300/-
Anti Tan With Clean Up Rs.450/-

Ear Piercing :

Per Pair Rs.200/-

Facials :

Fruit Facial Rs.400/-
Acne Pimple Facial Rs.500/-
Banana Facial Rs.500/-
Wine Facial Rs.600/-
Pigmentation Facial Rs.600/-
Pearl Facial Rs.700/-
Silver Facial Rs.700/-
Diamond Facial Rs.700/-
Gold Facial Rs.800/-
Shahnaz Pearl Facial Rs.1000/-
Shahnaz Gold Facial Rs.1200/-
Anti Ageing Collagen Facial Rs.1500/-
Skin Lightening Facial Rs.1500/-

Hair Cuts :

Baby Hair Cut Rs.50/-
Normal Cut Rs.200/-
Mushroom Cut Rs.200/-
Style Cut Rs.500/-

Hair Styling :

Blow Dry Rs.250/-
Ironing & Tongs Rs.500/-

Hair Colouring :

Henna Rs.200/-
Hair Colour (Normal) Rs.300/-
Hair Colour (Matrix) Rs.1000/-
Highlighting Per Strip Rs.75/-

Hair Care :

Hair Spa (Normal) Rs.400/-
Hair Spa (Matrix/Loreal) Rs.600/-
Drandruff Treatment Rs.750/-
Hair Fall Treatment Rs.800/-

Hair Straightening :

Short Length Rs.4000/-
Long Length Rs.6000/-

Salon :

Foam Shaving Rs.80/-
Trimming Rs.60/-
Hair Cut Rs.70/-
Latest Hair Cut  Rs.100/-
Hair Wash Rs.50/-
Oil Massage Rs.50/-
Hair Colour (Garnier) Rs.120/-
Hair Colour (Matrix) Rs.300/-
Hair Spa Rs.250/-
Face Wash Rs.20/-
Fruit Facial Rs.200/-
Gold Facial Rs.400/-
D-Tan Pack Rs.200/-



Weekdays : 09:30 AM To 09:00 PM

Sundays   : 09:30 AM To 09:00 PM

Other Info

There Are Several Beauty Parlour In City But Choosing The Best One Is A Difficult Task. And Thats Why We Make A Complete List Of Best Parlour Available In City Uppal Depot Area Where You Can Get The Best Services From Well Trained, Experienced And Professional Beauty Expert. Our Beauty Parlour Provide Service Like Bridal Makeup, We Mainly Focus To Render You Service In Relation To Body Care, Hair Care & Feet Massage.

     We Are In To Different Domains Suches Hair Colour, Hair Cut, Hair Spa, & Hair Treatment. We Are Even Experience For Skin Treatment That Would Help You To Regain Your Healthy Skin With Advanced Facials etc.,

For Women:

Package : 1

Eyebrows @ Rs.99/-
Face Cleanup
Hair Cut
Hair Wash
Hair Conditioning

Package : 2

Waxing Full Hands @ Rs.299/-
D-Tan Pack
Face Cleanup

Package : 3

Fruit Facial @ Rs.499/-
Oil Massage
D-Tan Pack
Hair Cut
Backside Bleach

Package : 4

Hair Spa @ Rs.899/-
Gold Facial
Advance Hair Cut
Manicure & Pedicure
Full Hands Waxine
D-Tan Pack


For Men:

Package : 5

Face Wash @ Rs.99/-
Hair Oil Massage
Neck Massage
Hair Wash
Hair Conditioning

Package : 6

Face Cleanup @ Rs.299/-
Hot Oil Massage
D-Tan Pack
Hair Wash

Package : 7

Shaving @ Rs.499/-
Style Hair Cut
Fruit Facial
Hair Wash

Package : 8

Shaving @ Rs.699/-
Style Hair Cut
Gold Facial
Hair Spa (or) Colour
Manicure & Pedicure


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